Oocyte Cryopreservation

Oocyte cryopreservation

Oocyte (egg) freezing or cryopreservation is a procedure of freezing good quality and mature oocytes for further use. They can then be fertilised with sperm at a later stage whenever a woman plans to start a family.

What does oocyte cryopreservation involve?

It involves stimulation of ovarian follicles with injections known as Gonadotrophins which are same as in IVF procedure.

What is Ovarian Stimulation?

During IVF treatment, hormones in the form of injections are given to stimulate ovaries with more than one egg with purpose of collecting all eggs and selection. This process involves daily injections for 9-11 days during which follicular monitoring happens to assess the growth of eggs. Once 3 or more eggs reach size of 18mm, they are collected outside by a process of egg collection.

What is egg collection (oocyte retrieval)?

This is a minor surgical procedure which involves collection of eggs. This process is ultrasound guided. A small needle is inserted through the vagina into the grown up follicles. Follicles are aspirated and handed over to embryology laboratory to confirm for presence or absence of oocytes in a particular follicle and also confirm total number of oocytes retrieved. The procedure of egg collection is done under mild anaesthesia (LMA- Laryngeal mask airway). Sometimes, it is done with pain killers and sedation. Total procedure timing including anaesthesia delivery is half an hour. Women do not feel anything during the procedure (they are relaxed and comfortable). Recovery is quick and generally a woman is fit for discharge four hours after the procedure.

The eggs are then assessed for their maturity in embryology labarotary and prepared for Vitrification.

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