PGT-A, is a screening test and provides information about the genetic make up of each embryo and helps in selection of the most healthy embryo to be transferred.

Depending on the health of the embryo, an embryo is classified as Euploid, Aneuploid, Mosaic.

It is mainly indicated in couples

  • with recurrent IVF/ICSI failures (recurrent implantation failure)
  • with advanced maternal age as chromosomal abnormalities are generally seen with increasing age of egg. The older the woman the higher the chances of having an affected pregnancy. Data shows that for women in their early 30s about 30 to 35% of embryos are aneuploid but over the age of 40 years the number of embryos which are aneuploid are nearly 75%.
  • It is also indicated where there is an indication for single embryo transfer as it helps to select the best embryo morphologically and genetically.

In PGT-SR/PGT-M/PGT–A, it is important that there are sufficient number of embryos available for testing as there may be embryos which may be unavailable for transfer after abnormal report.