Social Freezing of Oocytes/Embryos

What is Social Freezing of Oocytes/Embryos?

Social egg freezing is now a viable option for women in our society who wish to preserve their fertility and delay childbearing. Over the past few years, substantial advancements have been made in the egg freezing technique. Evidence from randomized controlled trials has demonstrated that frozen eggs can work as well as fresh ones for in vitro fertilization. As a result, egg freezing is no longer considered experimental and the procedure has grown in popularity and gained mainstream attention. The use of this technology is driven by the fact that women are choosing to have children much later in life for a variety of reasons, the most common in one study being the lack of a partner.

It is important for health care providers to educate women about the risks that come with delayed childbearing: infertility, aneuploidy, and miscarriage. Despite these and other concerns, including the false sense of security that social egg freezing can create, this technology is the best option when attempting to provide women with reproductive longevity.

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